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March 1, 2012
April 2, 2012


Truck, Trailer & Cargo Theft Prevention in 2012

Truck and cargo theft has become a growing concern for the logistics and transportation industry. It is estimated that losses in North America exceed $10 billion annually. Canadian transportation companies report over $1 billion in losses and claims each year alone.

In January, The Toronto Trucking Association hosted presentations on truck and trailer theft prevention. The sessions focused on issues such as cargo fraud, stolen loads, what industries are being targeted, what companies can do to protect themselves, and what behaviours to watch out for cargo thieves.

Canadian transportation company fleet owners, drivers and representatives from the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) recently met with the Minister of Public Safety to discuss cargo crime in the freight and transportation industry. The government is taking cargo crime more seriously these days, as is provincial law enforcement with the recently launched RCMP initiative ‘Project Stall’ – a cargo-prevention program.

The responsibility also lies with freight and transportation companies to ensure seamless end to end safety precautions are taken to avoid theft.

“AT GX, we pride ourselves on adhering to strict anti-theft protocol. This provides our clients with an added measure of reassurance to ensure the safe delivery of goods.” says Dan Colagiacomo, Managing Partner at GX Transport.

9 Ways To Avoid Freight Theft

  1. Restrict access to shipping details
  2. Provide security training for all employees
  3. Ensure drivers stay away from suspect areas
  4. Ensure drivers protect freight using locks
  5. Use technology to enhance security precautions
  6. Track delivery of vehicles using technology
  7. Keep vehicles moving and avoid down time
  8. Enforce strict freight theft protection measures
  9. Stay informed on freight theft trends
  10.  Post locations for security people and cameras

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