Resources & Documents Cargo Damage/Shortage Claim

Cargo Damage/Shortage Claim

    Cargo Damage/ Shortage Claim

    *Shipper Name:

    *City/ Province:

    *Contact Name:

    *Consignee Name:

    *City/ Province:

    *Contact Name:

    *Date Shipped:

    *Date Received:



    *Was the Damage Noticed at Time of Delivery?YesNo

    Was the Packaging CrushedPuncturedTornOther

    Description of Damage

    *Name of Claimant Company

    *Email Address

    *Signature of Claimant(First and Last Name):


    Please upload the following documents:
    *Please note - There is a size limit of 5MB per each document.

    *Bill of Lading

    *Packing Slip listing all of the products that were shipped

    *Supplier’s Invoice showing cost of goods and all discounts associated

    *Invoice to GX with the final amount for the claim

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