About GX Green Initiatives

The GX Team believes in Green

We have the opportunity and the responsibility to make a difference and, over the last decade, we have implemented many initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.

Becoming a SmartWay partner is one of our more notable achievements as we continue to adopt environmentally responsible practices that reduce greenhouse gases and improves air quality.

We put sustainability high on our list of priorities. Together with our customers and suppliers, we have found ways to protect our environment for future generations. We’ve invested in fuel and performance monitoring technology (PeopleNet) and implemented management processes as part of our core operating strategy across the supply chain. We are committed to operating leaner, stronger and smarter... that’s the GX Green DreamTM

Some of our green initiatives include:

  • Making terminal and loading docks idle-free zones
  • Equipping trucks with on-board computers to monitor idle times, vehicle speed, fuel efficiency and vehicle activity/route optimization
  • Educating drivers on how to reduce fuel emissions and rewarding them for successfully doing so
  • Equipping all tractors with fuel efficient low-emission engines
  • Continuing to research and implement fuel saving technology
  • Fostering an atmosphere where customers, associates, and vendors are excited about their contribution to a cleaner tomorrow
  • Proud to be a SmartWay partner with over 3000 carriers across North America





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