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Over twenty years of dedicated transportation solutions

With over two decades serving the dedicated requirements of our clients, we know there are efficiencies to be gained and transportation dollars to be saved by outsourcing your transportation requirements to us. After all, who knows more about operating a trucking fleet than a specialist in fleet outsourcing, like GX.

GX is highly effective in converting your daily LTL requirements to our dedicated model. In whole or in part, we can tie inbound raw materials to outbound supply in a more efficient manner. For our dedicated model to be most effective, we specialize in higher density urban markets including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

It starts with a conversation. What isn’t working now? Can you effectively measure and manage your performance? What are the benefits of outsourcing to GX?

Reasons to choose GX include:

  • Even out your volume flow and inventory and manage your supply chain more efficiently through our no-cost, in-depth analysis of daily and weekly ordering patterns
  • We customize your program to be flexible in meeting your requirements including after-hours and unassisted deliveries
  • The equipment and drivers operate out of your facility and if you choose, can still display your corporate brand on equipment and uniforms
  • We can quickly expand and contract to seasonal surges, peaks and valleys
  • With the ongoing issue of driver shortages, we take that challenging role off your hands, managing all recruiting, testing, training, sick days, dismissals and vacations
  • We assume the risks involved with operating a trucking fleet including associated insurance requirements, accidents and claims of any kind
  • We keep our fleet current and can spec new equipment purchases to suit your exact requirements
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe operation through a proactive maintenance program
  • Complete visibility of drivers, equipment and shipments are available through our combination of Peoplenet and TMW technologies as well as customized KPI reporting
  • GX is flexible in creating transportation and distribution programs that fit your exact requirements





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