About GX Above and Beyond

Whatever it takes to serve the LTL and Truckload needs of our customers

We’ve built our business on dealing with the exceptions, the special requirements and the out of the ordinary.

As a result, we’ve become very good at customizing transportation and distribution programs for our clients. Developing processes that have built in checks and balances to correct things on the fly is our strong suit.

Our 3 managing partners have molded our company for two decades to reflect their shared philosophy of performance above and beyond as our standard benchmark of service.

We run a smart, lean operation and deliver bottom line savings and improved efficiencies to our clients across several industries. We cross train all our team members to ensure there is never a gap in our ability to offer knowledgeable, courteous service.

The GX Superior Service Standard

Being part of the GX team means that we consistently strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, reinforcing our core principle of going above and beyond. We uphold a high level of mutual respect that promotes trust and wellbeing among our team members.

Our product offerings and industry expertise enable us to design and implement tailor-made solutions that seamlessly fulfill our customers’ supply chain needs. Our effective communication provides transparency, efficient problem resolution and fast response times for our customers. Thus, allowing us to treat problems as opportunities to grow, strengthen and elevate our service levels.


Being a GX customer




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