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November 21, 2011
March 22, 2012

International Opportunities Make Choosing the Right Shipping Company Crucial In 2012

In 2012, transportation companies, as well as Canadian businesses in general, are poised for growth due to new policies and a federal commitment to expanding trade relationships and improving the country’s transportation system.

This commitment begins with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s vision for Canada’s transportation system and increased trade relations. The Security and Trade Agreement with the United States, announced in December, was the first step to expand trade. The Prime Minister followed up this announcement with a speech at January’s World Economic Forum in Switzerland. In his address, the Prime Minister again highlighted Canada’s commitment to growing trade internationally.

The Prime Minister emphasized that Canada will not put “all of its eggs in one basket.” He then went on to announce that, “We will continue to advance our trade linkages. We will pass agreements signed, particularly in our own hemisphere, and will work to conclude major deals beyond it. We will work to complete negotiations on a free-trade agreement with India in 2013. And we will begin energy talks with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, while also pursuing other avenues to advance our trade with Asia.”

In January, Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, gave a keynote speech to the Van Horne Institute in Calgary. In his address, the Minister highlighted the Government’s commitment to creating a transportation system that will fulfill future needs. He emphasized the need to have infrastructure in place that is reliable and able to drive the country’s economic growth.

As a result of the PC government’s commitment to expanding trade and improving the transportation system, Canadian transportation companies must have the ability to deliver both domestic and cross-border services as well as have solid international shipping capabilities. Canadian companies will soon have more opportunities to expand their businesses into the States and all over the world. They will need a dedicated and capable shipping company to ensure they capitalize in 2012 and beyond. Whether you are shipping pallets or crates, to the US or Asia, GX Transportation is that transportation partner.

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