Service Advisory Notification
November 23, 2021
GX Earns 2022 Top Fleet Employer Award
April 13, 2022

Service Advisory Notification

Almost one month has passed since the flooding and mudslides cut Vancouver off from the rest of our country, and the situation has had minimal improvement. The province has released an extended state of emergency (see the link below):

Road service continues to be impacted significantly with limited highway access on Hwy 3 for commercial vehicles. The image below shows sections of the narrow, hazardous, and ultimately slow routing the BC Ministry of Transportation has provided. Many shippers have moved their road volumes over to rail service ~ already congested due to the Port of Vancouver issues ~ and winter is upon us.

While we continue to provide road and rail service to and from BC to the best of our abilities, please be prepared for further delays. We are experiencing high levels of communications, intermittent storage (during excessive congestion), increases in labour and driver costs, and are subject to equipment guarantee fees levied by the railroads for both BC & AB. As a result, we will be passing through a temporary surcharge for both road and rail services during this time to recover these varying costs.

For exact details on how this will impact your pricing, please reach out to your sales representative or the GX pricing team at

We thank you for your support and patience during this difficult time and look forward to being of continued service.


BC map 

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