ELDs Become Mandatory for U.S. Fleets and Canadian Transborder Carriers December 18, 2017
December 15, 2017
CP Set to Strike
May 25, 2018

A union strike has been temporarily averted

GX Transport rail service runs on CP Rail lines who were in a strike position on April 21st that was temporarily averted after the federal labour minister ordered employees to vote on the company’s final offers, just hours before they were set to walk off the job. A statement from the unions say the company’s offers don’t have a “chance in hell of being ratified.” An electronic vote on the offers will be conducted by the Canada Industrial Relations Boards at an undetermined date.

Please note that during this time, freight that is put into their system could result in service delays should they vote to strike while orders are in transit.

Please specify a ROAD or RAIL service when scheduling your shipments. If you have regularly scheduled shipments that you would like to switch from RAIL to ROAD during this week, please email your request to GXDISPATCH@GXTS.COM

Need help with pricing information to move your rail shipments to road? Email your request to GXRATES@GXTS.COM

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