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March 25, 2014
Top 5 Items Trending in Freight Transportation
April 29, 2015

Top 10 Trends for 2015

As technology and global markets continue to bring change to our world, it continues to be an exciting time for the transportation industry. Last year saw many continued trends shape our ever evolving industry.

Here are Canadian Shipper’s top 10 industry trends to watch for in 2015;

  1. Dimensional Pricing comes to the LTL Industry
  2. Low Energy Prices will continue for much of 2015
  3. Canadian Exports to the US will increase in 2015
  4. More Mergers and Acquisitions will Drive E-Commerce Growth
  5. Shipper-Carrier Collaboration will continue to Evolve
  6. Rails will continue to Capture Truck Traffic
  7. The Location of Manufacturing and Packaging Sites will Change
  8. Truckers will continue to expand their Logistics Service Capabilities
  9. E Commerce Growth will spur an Expansion of the Last Mile Sector of the Freight Industry
  10. De-Globalization is Shifting More Manufacturing Back to the United States

Source: Canadian Shipper, Some Major Trends Shaping the Freight Transportation Industry in 2015

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