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February 13, 2014
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Rolling In The Right Direction With Dashboard Cams

Mounted digital dashboard video cameras are gaining popularity with truck drivers across North America. China and Russia are already using them. According to The Ontario Trucking Association, it looks like this trend isn’t going away any time soon.

A recent CBC evening newscast reported that the OPP used a dashcam video provided by a truck driver to track down and ID a vehicle in a near-crash offence north of Thunder Bay a few weeks ago. The video went viral within hours.

The advantages of dashboard video cams in long-haul trucks are many. Dashboard video cams provide increased truck security and protection of goods. And drivers.

  • Footage can be used to back up insurance claims
  • Footage can be used to track down other drivers for road infractions
  • Warn off thieves and discourage vandalism

Overall, the result is an increase in the safety of transported goods and the protection of drivers. Technology working in the right direction for everyone.

Video cams are also catching on with the general public. Dashcams are affordable and can cost as little as $50. Worth the peace of mind they offer.

In 2013, GX Transport drivers were equipped with dashboard tablets that use the latest technology to provide shipping and tracking details in live time. The all-in-one data capture device is also equipped with a camera.

“We believe in using the latest technology to advance all aspects of the freight delivery process.” says Managing Partner, Michelle Arseneau. “The safe delivery of customer goods and the protection of our drivers are always top priorities.”



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