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The List: What’s Your Biggest Concern?

In late October, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) published its list of the Top 10 Trucking Industry Concerns. Last year, respondents said their number one worry was the CSA—understandably so due to concerns over the lack of crash accountability and its inability to accurately predict carrier safety performance.

This year, CSA ranked second on the list of your concerns. HOS (Hours of Service) took top spot after coming in second in 2012 and 2011. The ATRI reports that many in the industry believe that new HOS rules (limited use of the 34-hour restart and the required 30-minute break after 8-hour shifts) will decrease productivity.

While it came in a distance second to HOS, CSA is still weighing on many minds. The ongoing driver shortage, up-and-down economy and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate round out the top five concerns.

ELD ranks the highest of any onboard technology issue in the history of the survey—9 years. The ATRI expects that the new rules surrounding the controversial device will determine where it will fall on next year’s list.

While the American Trucking Associations commission the survey, you can rest assured that Canadian concerns were well represented. The list in its entirety is as follows:

  1. 1. Hours of Service (HOS)
  2. 2. CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability Act)
  3. 3. Driver Shortage
  4. 4. Economy
  5. 5. Electronic Logging Device Mandate
  6. 6. Truck Parking
  7. 7. Driver Retention
  8. 8. Fuel Supply and Fuel Prices
  9. 9. Infrastructure/Congestion
  10. 10. Driver Health and Wellness

Does this list accurately reflect your concerns or do you want to add to it? Let us know and leave your comment below!

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